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When it comes to cleaning a surface or roughening it up, you need the special technique called sandblasting. This effective and efficient technique can remove residual paint or coating off a surface to ensure proper bonding with the fresh new coat. Also known as shot blasting or abrasive blasting, the process of sandblasting involves propulsion of fine abrasive material at high velocity by using compressed water or air.

Sandblasting offers the best way to re-use your old items. It removes old paint, casting materials and coatings from the surface so that the item can be used again. Sandblasting is a great way to provide a paint ready surface. By abrasive blasting, you can get a smooth, sleek surface that will be easy to re-paint or re-surface according to your desires. It helps you save money and time in not only cleaning but also replacing your machinery, equipment, driveway and more.
Residential Sandblasting, Eagle Ford, Texas

Looking for quality residential sandblasting in Eagle Ford, Texas. You have come to the right place. We are corrosion treatment specialists who use sand, steel or grit blasting media to provide quality blasting services on a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial items. With years of experience in the industry, we have build a list of our loyal customers through our quality dedicated services delivered on time. We specialize in onsite abrasive blasting, protective coatings and spray paintings.
We provide high quality services that is backed by hardwork and dedication. No matter how big or small is the sandblasting project, our entire team works closely to deliver the best quality work in minimum time. One of our hallmarks is ‘valuable guarantee’ on our workmanship. Our licensed and certified technicians have experience and knowledge about the types of materials and products required for sandblasting. Our expert team utilizes modern technology and equipment that creates exceptional results in less time and money.

Quality residential sandblasting services-We can sandblast any residential structure or surface in Eagle Ford, Texas. Our wide range of services include sandblasting of lawn and patio furniture, antiques, castings, driveways, motorcycle parts and frames; removal of graffiti, chewing gum, and adhesive debris, cleaning of driveways and pathways, blast cleaning of worn garage doors, collectibles, cars, barbeque grills, playground equipment and many more. Abrasive blasting will remove years of paint and weathering, and leave the stone looking clean and fresh as new. It also helps in removing any of the unsound lining of swimming pool, and providng a clean leveled surface to create a strong bond for a longer laster pool interior. Our expert team can efficiently handle the fine process of antique stripping so that your valuable items look new and clean without loosing their charm and value.

We save you money, time and effort when you need an item prepped for resurfacing or refinishing. Rather than spending gruelling hours chemically cleaning the item at home, you can get professional resurfacing results in no time. Our technicians have experience in abrasive blasting of almost every material, and are well-aware of variety of media used to the process. Depending upon the condition and type of your old item, we select the best media to provide excellent results. Some of the commonly used medium include walnut shells, sand, aluminum oxide, glass beads etc.

Competitive pricing-When it comes to choosing a abrasive blasting company for your leaky roof repair work, it is important to select an experienced professional who is trustworthy and honest. We understand your requirements and provide you a clear estimate of price and time. We offer reasonable pricing without compromising on quality. Our unmatched expertise combines with competitive pricing makes us unbeatable in the industry. We give a free estimate of the cost and time before we start the process.

If the paint of your home is peeling, the surface of your home needs sandblasted. If you are looking for a fast and efficient process that allows you to re-use your valuable items, or simply want to clean the surfaces of your old items, hire our residential sandblasting services in Eagle Ford, Texas.
For us, no blasting job is too big or small. E-mail us today at to find out more.

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