Industrial Sandblasting

Sandblasters are versatile pieces of equipment, and apart from industrial sandblasting, you can also use sandblasters for arts and crafts as well. Mostly when you think of a sandblaster, you associate it with the cleaning of cars, concrete, brickwork and rusty metal parts. Sandblasting concrete and rusty metal for instance is the primary means of using a sandblaster, which is excellent for cleaning surfaces.

Metal Surfaces Remain Constantly Clean

A lot of work is also done on glass for shower doors, mirrors, sliding doors and windows, and architects are realizing that plastic and stainless steel can also look good when blasted. If certain surfaces are more intricate, you can imagine how tiresome it would be to sand inside these kinds of surfaces with sandpaper. Imagine having to manually deal with rust on machinery and equipment because of salt, rain and ice? Industrial sandblasting Eagle Ford, Texas can ensure all your metal surfaces remain constantly clean as a result of particles being sprayed at high pressure at the site of the corrosion. The benefits of industrial sandblasting like this is that not only is it an industrial-grade cleaning technique, it prepares the surface for painting by removing all coatings of dirt, oil and rust.

Think about industrial warehouses – the exterior appearance of any kind of business is important. Sandblasting on brick walls however, requires exceptional skill and air pressure needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted to provide for that softness of mortar which is old. The distance the nozzle is held from the wall must be controlled. When you think that excessive sandblasting can cause aesthetic damage, you see the importance of only using the surfaces of experienced and reputable sandblasting experts.

Sand isn’t always the abrasive Material of Choice

If you’ve got paint, dirt or graffiti on hardwood, brick or stonework, a sandblasting machine is effective for removing these. The way sandblasting works is that it forces abrasive material through a compressor onto a surface at high pressure. The name ‘sandblasting’ can be a bit misleading because the material used is not usually sand, and copper and glass are also used in blasting to eat away the paint or dirt on a surface.

Abrasive cleaning procedures were referred to as sandblasting because sand was the only medium available, but in actual fact sand is too harsh for most projects and it can cause damage to surfaces. Sand also has a high level of moisture and impurities that can damage modern blasting equipment. Sand is also dangerous to our health at it contains silica, which if inhaled, can cause respiratory problems. Today, professional technicians first determine the right product for the job based on the medium’s hardness, density and size and the rate at which it breaks down. You can see that the price for blasting will be varied because it is based on the medium used and how much of the product can be reused for future projects.

Control the Power in your Hands

The sandblaster works by having compressed air from an air compressor to power or blast the paint or dirt out of a hose from a connecting starting tank which can be open or enclosed containers. A nozzle is placed at the end of the hose to control the amount of abrasive being blasted. Of course there are also adjustments made so as to control the amount of pressure used to power the blasting, and you simply adjust the air compressor regulator to suit your need. You have to be careful though, because too high the pressure and you can damage the wall you are working on.

Professionalism and Experience important Deciding Factors


It is therefore important that when you engage the services of professional sand blasting contractors, you can be certain that they use the right approach to achieve what you want. An experienced technician will be able to answer any queries you have so as to determine the best application of abrasive blasting for your needs. Industrial Sandblasting, Eagle Ford, Texas is all about making use of qualified, skilled and experienced sandblasting experts (many of whom have mobile businesses) who can restore your vehicles and equipment so that the lifespan of your business, your equipment, machinery and vehicles can be enhanced and extended.